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Tweet Police

Of course you’ve heard about how vital it is to use social media to let the world know about your business.  And, you’ve had your doubts.  Is it really worth the effort of running a Twitter account?  Is it really going to attract attention?  And it’s obviously not going to be easy to do… Or is it?

Tweet Tweet

Prepare yourself.  It’s the message the Queensland Police Service has been sending out.  And in more ways than one.  In just a few months, they’ve demonstrated exactly how powerful Twitter can be as a public relations medium.  They already have some 40,000 followers.  They keep them up to date, properly informed and above all, entertained.



What’s more, it looks like they have a great time doing it.  A few examples of Queensland’s finest at work:

Tweet 8


Tweet 1



A Weekly Tweet

On top of this you can throw in the weekly ‘What The? Friday’ tweets, with links to strange and unusual events the police have come across.

Police Tweet


They also link to historical news stories that involved the police.  Nostalgic?  Or interesting?


They have the confidence and knowledge to include cultural references, ranging from The Simpsons, Star Trek and even Harry Potter.  And while this might not seem so unbelievable, it does a lot when you consider how far this brings them from the stereotypical image of the police.

Tweet 6


Tweet 2


(SEQ = South Eastern Queensland)

Another benefit?  It gives them the opportunity to acknowledge the good work the Queensland Police do.  And not just by mentioning it themselves, but also by re-tweeting messages from the public.  They have the opportunity to squash rumours before they develop much momentum and of course, to show that the police are interested in important cultural events.  Like football.  All this might not seem so important if the farm animals are equally interested...

Tweet 3

(SFS = Suncorp Football Stadium; SOO = State of Origin Football)

Tweet 4


Know your limits

And while all this is good, the most admirable thing is that they know their limits.  This is one of their most entertaining tweets:

Tweet 7


It appears they deleted it later in the day.  Why?  The other tweets concerned a number of tragedies, which is more than likely to happen when it comes to police work.  But is it likely to be the sort of situation you come across when dealing with your regular business life?  No.  Which means you have less excuse than ever before.  Jump on board.  Start tweeting!

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