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English Summer

The summer has finally arrived!  What better time for an international holiday?  And for many of us, this also means warming up dormant English skills.  Why not get started with an English blog entry?  I’ll keep them coming throughout the year.  It means you can always have a little reminder of your holidays.

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Schrijf English

The English language has its place at Schrijf.be.  And this isn’t restricted to using English nuances in the translation of your texts from French and Dutch.  It also means writing your texts from scratch.  Let me know what you want to say and I’ll say it in a language practiced by a few billion people around the world.  That’s right: a few billion.  Why not increase your client-base?

There is of course another benefit of an English blog at this time of year.  It gives everyone at Schrijf.be the opportunity to wish you a wonderful summer!  Drive carefully, have fun and enjoy the sun!

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