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Cold Starters

It’s a normal day.  And you’re feeling a bit peckish.  Do you feel like fish?  No?  The cheese plate?   

Cancer on Menu

What about cervical cancer?  Before you shake your head, take a good look at the menu, because this is not just any cervical cancer.  It’s cervical cancer served on beetroot carpaccio with mustard-honey dip.  And served cold.  As if there was another way to enjoy cervical cancer.


Apparently this is a mistranslation.  The restaurant does not actually serve ‘cervical cancer’ but ‘crayfish’.  On beetroot carpaccio with mustard-honey dip…  Or possibly honey-mustard dip.  But cold either way.  Neither this nor any of the many other errors in the English on the menu have quite the same impact as cervical cancer.  Thankfully.  Of course, all this does leave me wondering how many diners actually do order cancer…

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