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Nobel Prize for Travel Advice

One of my favourite travel agents is expected to win the Nobel Prize for Literature.  This is wonderful news.  At least I think it is.  This travel agent, Haruki Murakami always prints books instead of flight tickets or hotel reservations, but has still provided me with fascinating adventures and unusual experiences.  Vanishing elephants.  Mysterious hotels where entire floors disappear and reappear.  An illiterate old man who speaks to cats and causes it to rain leaches, and of course, a search for a single mysterious sheep that may or may not exist and could be doing it absolutely anywhere in Japan.  It’s not just any travel agent who can provide such destinations.

What’s so good about travel like this?  The way in which it shines a light on other cultures and other people.  The isolated feel of society.  Love.  Loneliness.  Personal preferences in how to cook pasta.  The way in which people interact.  The ways in which they fail to interact.  Fate.  And appreciative responses to the hands dealt by fate.  There is however, something else.  Something extremely important.  The joy of writing.  It means that no matter how bizarre or unusual the destination might be, there is always something beautiful to enjoy throughout the journey.  It really is wonderful to see that someone who can experience the sheer joy of writing is being so highly regarded by an institution like the Nobel Prize committee.

After all, a win would give myself and hundreds of thousands of other travellers around the globe a ticket to even more spectacular, exotic and unusual destinations.

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