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English, in other words

"Do I hit the mark when I communicate with my clients? Is my approach exactly what’s called for?" It’s the nightmare of every marketeer. Or more accurately: the dream we try to turn into a reality at Desmyttere Marketingadvies. And whether it’s in blog or book form, we help marketeers achieve this dream through our own marketing tips: clear language and simple case studies. This way, they are sure to hit the bullseye." Pearls of wisdom from Peter Desmyttere, General Manager.


Dutch version of this testimonial

Compare English to Dutch (pdf)!

Peter from Desmyttere Marketingadvies: “Concrete marketing tips that are a pleasure to read? We wrote them in Dutch, but we knew that they would work in English too. But not with a literal translation: that would be as cold and clinical as a dictionary. And that’s simply not us. Which is why we looked to, who immediately understood what we needed: an English copywriter, not a translator.”

Translator? No, thank you.

A translation degree will not get you a job at copywriting. They only put commercial copywriters at your service. Like Vaughn, who never translates, but transforms a Dutch source text into an English version that still hits home. His translation keeps the message intact. He just packages it in vocabulary, style and grammar that are truly English.

New assignment? Different approach!

Peter Desmyttere: "In the past few years, we have called on Vaughn a good number of times. And what really stands out: he approaches marketing tips aimed, for instance, at the fashion industry, differently to a contract with a statistics bureau. Which means we always receive the text we are looking for. With the right words, the right tone and, most important of all, the right approach."

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