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A pleasure to work with, from beginning to end

Piet Mares Corporate Real Estate Photography? It’s your photographer for putting industrial buildings, office blocks, hotels and large residential buildings in the picture.


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Company photographer Piet Mares: "We wanted to update and rewrite our web texts. And looked like the ideal place to go. The first step was the outstanding briefing that the Dutch copywriter had prepared. "


"With clients coming from across the whole European real-estate market, we undoubtedly had to publish the website in English. Andy’s work was a great foundation for the English copywriter Vaughn. Without wasting a moment, he went straight to work. As a result, the original deadline was met. This gave me plenty of time to look everything over before the web-designer got started on the job."

Right on target

There are several specialisations in the real-estate sector. And they all have different criteria. This meant the approach for each specialisation needed to be different. Every page of text hit the nail on the head.


"From the very first contact, everyone at knew exactly what I wanted. They take your perspective, then think with you to give you exactly what you need. First-rate craftsmanship and a pleasure to work with, from beginning to end. You can read the result at"