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Translation into English

Translation into fluent English

Let’s get things straight.
You’re looking for the best possible English translation.
One that reads just as naturally in English as it does in the original Dutch or French.
Then keep on reading.

English translation: any variety 

Is your customer American, Irish or Australian? They speak very different forms of English. Or maybe your reader is not a native speaker of English at all. He might be a businessman working at a company where English is the language of communication. Then he speaks what is called International English.

Complicated? Not really: it’s second nature to us. We have native English translators who can write in the variety of English that you need. And we have non-native speakers who are experts in International English.

English translation … and free copywriting

But let’s be honest. You want more than an English translation. You want the target text to be just as convincing as the source text. You want a translator who thinks like … a copywriter.

Luckily, our translators are also copywriters. They tweak and rewrite until the words jump right off the page. The result is a text that’s guaranteed to win over your reader.

English translation: what’s in it for you?

  • Home-grown words: you decide on the variety of English.
  • Fluent phrases: your translation reads as if it were the original.
  • Consistent style: your text respects our English Style Guide.
  • Persuasive prose: your translator-copywriter targets your audience.

Ready to convince your English-speaking customers?

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What customers say

You were spot on. You translated exactly what I had in mind.

Charles Convent
Odyssee Mobile