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English editing

Editing your English-language text: your safety net

Your English-language text is finished and you are about the send it out to customers. Or you are about to have it printed in multiple copies. And then the doubt creeps up on you: what if you have made a mistake? What if it is not as clear or fluent as you think?

Stop worrying and have our editor take a look. He will go through your text with a fine tooth-comb until it is completely flawless.

English editing or rewriting?

Maybe you are not sure whether your text needs editing or rewriting.

  • Editing: checking your text for style, grammar, spelling, punctuation and consistency.
  • Rewriting: rephrasing your text until it is fluent, fun, original, exciting and convincing.

Send us your text and we will give you our opinion. Whichever option you choose, you can be sure that the end result will be a professional and impeccable English text.

English editing: how it works

  • You send us your text.
  • Our editor checks it for:
    • style
    • consistency
    • grammar
    • spelling
    • punctuation
  • You receive a corrected text, complete with explanatory notes if necessary.
  • You can send out your text with complete confidence that you are communicating in flawless English.

You get only one chance to make a first impression. Make sure that it is a professional one.


A good impression? It starts here

What customers say

Brilliant doesn’t seem to really get it this time. I think what you are doing is adding great value to the company spirit and vision. This is how internal communications ought to be.

William Wright