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Native versus non-native speaker?

You want a native speaker? Have two!

Some clients demand that their text is translated by a native speaker.
They, like us, believe that only a native speaker can fully grasp all the subtleties and cultural references that are embedded in a text.

Well, guess what? At Schrijf.be, you get your native speaker. And another one for good measure!

Native speakers: a unique two-tier approach

For each English translation you get one native speaker of the source language, and one of the target language.

  • The first native speaker performs the translation into his mother tongue.
    • He has the feeling and natural style needed to make your text sound like an original rather than a translation.
  • The second native speaker is also a translator, but one who speaks the language of the original text.
    • He understands all the subtleties and details of the original text.
    • He compares text and translation to make sure that nothing got lost in translation.
    • He also double-checks spelling, grammar and consistency in style.

This two-tier approach is unique. Translation agencies usually offer you one of the above translators, but never both.

Two native speakers: what’s in it for you?

  • The translation reads like an original because it is written by a native speaker.
  • Nothing gets lost in translation: all the subtleties and cultural references of your original text are respected as the text has been checked by a second person.
  • Our translators use our English Style Guide to make sure that all texts are consistent in style.
  • The persuasiveness of your message is preserved or even improved.


Start speaking your customers' language


What customers say

Brilliant doesn’t seem to really get it this time. I think what you are doing is adding great value to the company spirit and vision. This is how internal communications ought to be.

William Wright