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Translation into Dutch or French

You’re working in an international company with offices in Belgium or the Netherlands? Your website and brochures are available in English, but you would like to offer them in Dutch as well? Let us help you out. We’ll translate your English-language texts into exciting and clear Dutch.

And if you’re targeting the whole of Belgium, why not go the full mile? Have your documents translated into French as well. That way, you kill two birds with one stone: reach both the Flemish and the Walloon market!

French or Dutch translation: into any variety 

Is your customer from Belgium or the Netherlands? They speak different varieties of Dutch, react differently in business situations, and have a different sense of humour. So a different approach is required in each case. The same applies to the French-speaking market: someone from Brussels speaks very differently than a person from Wallonia or France.

Complicated? Not to us. We translate all your English-language communications into perfect Dutch or French, taking into account all local and regional subtleties.

French or Dutch translation into … a better text

But you want more than a translation. You want our Dutch and French target texts to be just as convincing as your English source text. You want a translator with commercial writing skills and a style that will grab your customers.

You got it! You see, our translators are also copywriters. Not only do they translate the document, they also rephrase and improve the text to sound just as good as the source text, or even better.

French or Dutch translation: what’s in it for you?

  • A fluent and clear text in Dutch or Flemish.
  • The same text in perfect French: now you’re ready to conquer the whole Belgian market.
  • Your text has impact: it evokes a response from your reader.
  • No robotic sentences: your translation reads like an original.
  • No inconsistencies: our translators use our Style Guide to make sure that all texts are consistent in style.


Ready for decent Dutch? Get it now!

What customers say

Brilliant doesn’t seem to really get it this time. I think what you are doing is adding great value to the company spirit and vision. This is how internal communications ought to be.

William Wright