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Authentic while still meeting SEO needs

When it comes to Field Service Automation, there’s no mincing words. Odyssee Mobile CEO Charles Convent knows this better than anyone. And so he was able to explain exactly what he wanted for his new web texts.


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Charles Convent, Odyssee Mobile: “The texts for our website had to be right on the ball; web marketing is the key to our sales strategy. However, we weren’t looking for a fancy commercial pitch. We wanted to speak to our prospects in their own language.  The texts had to be authentic while still meeting SEO needs. And this had to be done in a witty, no-nonsense, conversational tone. To top it all off, we didn’t want any jargon, despite the technological nature of the device.

A quick search on the Internet gave us a number of different options, but was head and shoulders above the rest. We had already heard good things about them on the grapevine. We decided it was time to put them to the test.

Without any hesitation suggested we speak to English copywriter Vaughn. And after reviewing Vaughn’s portfolio, I was all too happy to put the job into his hands. Even during the briefing, we could see the wheels were turning and ideas for the texts coming together.”

The result

“Did we get what we wanted? Short, easy-to-read, scannable texts free from complicated jargon? I hadn’t even finished reading the submission before I felt I had to write back to Vaughn. I was amazed! Admittedly, a few texts were too long, but Vaughn either re-wrote or whittled the excess words away to give me exactly what I had in mind. We are extremely confident with our new website behind us.”

The future

“I haven’t enough words to say thank you for the excellent work. If we need further texts in the future, we know exactly where we’ll be going. has proven they can hit the nail on the head, even with a challenging and complex request.”

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