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Interalu smart ceilings

Interalu takes an innovative approach to ceilings. Any time they introduce a new product or technique, they need brochures, press releases, business presentations and a variety of other texts to accompany it and introduce it to clients, national or international. The right approach is vital from the very start. Which is why Interalu starts by contacting


Marianne Moyson: ‘Interalu ceilings are tailored to meet the explicit needs and expectations of our clients. From energy efficiency and image to deadlines and of course, comfort. It results in satisfied customers and strong partnerships. Which is why it’s pleasing to see take the same approach for us.’

Off to a great start

No sooner have we asked for help than they’ve responded. What might look like a simple courtesy email actually delivers peace of mind by telling us they’re on the job. A clear and detailed quote arrives on the heels of this email. And with that, we know we are already off to a great start.

The need for speed

When our deadlines are short, the deadlines we give are equally short. You might not expect strong, powerful texts overnight. But we have to. And on these occasions, rises to the challenge. Our translations arrive the next day as requested, checked, proofread and ready to go.

Flexible English

Flexibility is vital to Interalu. We pride ourselves on the flexibility of our ceiling designs and their ability to fit every building, no matter what shape it may be. Vaughn takes the same approach with our English translations. We need to reach readers in areas ranging from Romania and the Democratic Republic of Congo to Luxembourg and England, no matter what their level of English may be. And this simply isn’t possible with word-for-word translations. But with simple grammar, everyday words and short sentences, Vaughn delivers the easy-to-understand English texts we are looking for. Partly rewritten, partly translated, they’re strong texts designed to reach everyone.

Keeping it simple

As for industry-specific words? We often find a comment in the margin of the text that gives us different options, or a follow-up call to check whether we use a certain term with clients. Because consistency is obviously as important to Vaughn as it is to us. It makes our texts even more accessible and gives our clients that feeling of comfort that not even a smart ceiling is able to deliver.