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Our main selling points stood out perfectly

Taking a unique approach in the Project & Interim Management sector, Minds in Action focuses solely on Sales and Marketing professionals. What do you do if you occupy such a niche? Let the world know! As such, CEO Tom Maerten decided to introduce the company with a direct mail-out and a press release for an industry magazine.


"There was plenty to say. We wanted to let potential customers know about our no-nonsense approach and our attractive rates. We have a unique business model too. It was also important to mention our experience. And to top it off, we wanted to include a call to action. In other words, it wasn’t going to be a simple task. We had doubts about whether anyone would understand how our business model works and incorporate into text as we wanted."

Doubting Tom

"We were a touch sceptical about bringing in professional help," Maerten admits. "We all knew exactly what we wanted to say. And we were sure we could say it, even in English. But in the end? Maybe it was one of those better-safe-than-sorry decisions. We made a call to to see what they could do for us."

After a briefing and short wait, Maerten received the desired texts. Did they make the right impression?

"We got more than we expected. Instead of just juggling all those different elements, Vaughn, the copywriter from, melded them into focused, flowing texts. They were great and really represented us as a company. From our rates to our focused position in the sector, our main selling points stood out perfectly as part of a clear statement. Best of all, the texts showed us how we could push certain ideas or concepts further to create an even stronger image."

Exceeded expectations

"The follow-up exceeded our expectations. We made a few corrections and elaborated on a few ideas. Vaughn really responded well. There were some changes he adopted straight away, others which he was worried would weaken the overall message, or that he thought needed paragraphs of their own. Useful hints involved moving a sentence so it would make more of an impression. There was one point where a different word resulted in a completely different rhythm to the text. Professional help really makes all the difference!"

Leave it to the professionals

"We were very satisfied with the texts. And we would not hesitate to call on again for help in the future. We cannot recommend them highly enough. In the business world, you’ve got to present a professional image and you’ve got to make the right impression straight away. It’s exactly what we wanted to do, and with help from, it’s exactly what we did."

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