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A well-built translation

CONIX RDBM Architects design and structure all types of buildings and construction. Whether they’re working on an office building, retail outlet, private housing or educational institution, they always make sure their work responds to the particular needs of their clients. takes the same approach to structuring texts and translations.



"We like to keep our clients, suppliers and partners up to date with everything we do," says Gisèle Vidts from Conix RDBM. "It’s a great way to demonstrate our versatility and our commitment to quality. We write texts in Dutch and have them translated into French and English. Awkward, word-for-word translations would never do justice to our company or our achievements. But the team at delivers quality texts that are rewritten to ensure they don’t feel like translations at all."

A copywriter and translator in one

It wouldn’t quite be accurate to say works with translators. Instead, we call on copywriters who use their skills to translate texts into their native languages.
"They use our text or message as a cornerstone," says Gisèle Vidts, "and construct new copy as required. They find alternatives to words or expressions that don’t translate smoothly into English or French. They might also change the grammar or simplify a sentence structure." The end result of all this textual renovation and reconstruction? "Our message comes across clearly and effectively. It’s easy to read. It’s a joy to read."

Thinking about the reader makes more than structural adjustments. Our writers also think from the perspective of the reader. "We often receive translations where words have been changed," says Gisèle Vidts. "It turns out this is because a word is ambiguous or distracting. At other times, the writers have told us they’ve added words to make sure a translated text has the right feel and rhythm, or to make sure the style remains consistent. This makes sure our texts accessible. It keeps the reader focused on what we are saying. And that is exactly what we want them to think about."

A reliable partner

"Even with tight deadlines or more complicated texts with industry terms, delivers exactly what we need. They’re the kind of partner we want to work with. We know we can rely on them," says Gisèle Vidts. "I'll happily recommend to anyone who wants a strong translation—or text—to convey their message."


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