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A message that hits home

There’s a good chance your company car comes from ALD Automotive. After all, the vehicle-leasing company has over 70,000 vehicles on the road in Belgium with drivers coming from everywhere on earth. All of them are kept fully informed and up to date with words carefully chosen by copywriters and translators.


English: the international language

Xavier Kervyn: ‘As Communication Officer at ALD Automotive, it’s my responsibility to ensure our messages hit home. Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds. They speak Dutch. They speak French. And if they speak other languages? They rely on us to communicate in easy-to-understand English. Whether they speak and read English fluently or are just learning.’

A question of vocabulary

‘Do you know what odometers and tachometers measure? Or where the sill of a car is? The dictionary is one place to find out. But who wants to reach for a dictionary every time they read a quick email? Vaughn, the English translator, makes sure there’s no need to. Because his translations aren’t word-for-word. They deliver the same message, but with simple vocabulary, basic grammar and complete clarity.

A style statement

‘ALD Automotive likes to use a specific style. Working with, our communicative texts, whether they’re in Dutch, French or English, all embrace this style. It shows our clients we are proud of who we are. No matter what language they speak. And that’s why I recommend You’ll make your message clear to all your clients, whether they’re locals or from the other side of the world.’