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Paardenlookworst... Horse and Garlic Sausage

There are some things which don’t cross the culinary border. An example? The first time I went to the frituur in Belgium, I asked for vinegar on my frietjes. It seems normal for me, having been brought up on it. But my request was met with confusion, repulsion and the explanation that:

“We don’t rape our food!”

Another example? Paardenlookworst. Horse and garlic sausage. Maybe it’s delicious. And apparently it’s a provincial specialty. But there’s something there which I’m culturally at ends with. Getting me to believe horse and garlic sausage might be fit for human consumption, let alone getting me to eat it, is going to take some effort. Or some truly brilliant, persuasive advertising. Unfortunately, this sign fell a long way short…

Gentse Paardenlookworst

Verrassend lekker?

Surprisingly tasty. If this is the best encouragement anyone could come up with for eating paardenlookworst, it really makes me sure I’ve got no interest in eating it whatsoever. ‘Surprisingly tasty’ falls a long way short of being a ‘Unique Selling Point’. It’s almost like the makers of the paardenlookworst actually agree everyone expects their product to be repulsive. And since Belgium is a country where it isn’t taboo to consume horse meat, this doesn’t really do much to sell the sausages to me. It looks like they’ll stay firmly planted on the other side of the culinary border. However, I’ve now got a real craving for frietjes doused in vinegar.