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Insult assistance

Writing a letter to your mother-in-law? Maybe you’re trying to accurately word a death threat? Or perhaps you just need a little help writing hip-hop lyrics? Look no further! Any time you want to administer a dose of abusive insults, assistance is just a click away! Now, this is usually the point where we would write about how Schrijf.be can help you out… And it would probably be fun. But I’ve got doubts about whether insult assistance is one of the services Schrijf.be offers. The good news? WebInsult is a website devoted to helping you create original slurs and slights.


The website follows clearly-defined syntactic rules to randomly create insults. Always in English, they come in various styles. The default is Modern British English, but it’s also possible for something with a Shakespearean tweak, or an affront that has been run through an Arabian or Mediterranean filter. But before you start writing, you should know that the website avoids being politically-incorrect and tries not to be (downright) offensive. Which makes it the perfect tool for filling any text, be it a eulogy or a police report. And for everything else? There’s Schrijf.be.