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By train? Mechelen Central


Take the train to Mechelen Central (not Mechelen Nekkerspoel!).
Leave the station by the front exit (city centre).

After you have crossed the square, you will see two streets.
Take the one to the left. It is called Leopoldstraat.
The second street to your right is our street: Willem Geetsstraat.



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Willem Geetsstraat 9
2800 Mechelen


By car? Take exit E19 'Mechelen ZUID'

On highway E19 (Brussels-Antwerp), take exit Mechelen ZUID.
At the roundabout go straight ahead and across the overpass.
Continue straight ahead at the traffic lights (Postzegellaan).

You will reach another roundabout, which is located
in front of the railway station (Koning Albertplein).
Take the exit onto the three-lane street called Hendrik Consciencestraat.
Move to the left lane.

At the traffic lights you take a left turn towards the ring road.
Turn left at the next traffic lights on the ring road.
It might take a while before the lights switch to green.

Continue on for about 20 metres and then turn left into the Leopoldstraat.
The second street to your right is 'our' Willem Geetsstraat.

You should have no trouble finding a parking spot in the Willem Geetsstraat itself.
But if you want to be on the safe side,  park your car in the Leopoldstraat.
Whatever you do: do not forget to purchase a parking ticket!
The Mechelen parking attendants come around twice every day
and their visit can easily set you back 25 euro ...

The first fifteen minutes of parking are free of charge.
So if you are only here for a short visit, just hit the green button
on the ticket machine without entering any money. 

Mechelen site-seeing?

While you are here, take the opportunity to get to know the city of Mechelen.
This map will help you find your way around the city centre.


Lost? We will help you!

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